No one rejoices at the news of the fratricide between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza,  no one except of course their common enemy, Israel. Today we learn that Egypt has rushed from 500 to 1000 Fatah elements through the Rafah crossing to shore up the battered Fatah militia. As a response, Hamas forces stormed the much feared Fatah boss Abuw Shabak's residence.  The attack killed 4 of his bodyguards . Elsewhere, Hamas attacked the presidential guards training center .

A big surprise caught the eyes of many readers, when Al-Jazzerah net posted some pictures of  `amiyd  (Colonel major)  Abuw Shabak's residence which revealed the sumptuous decadent style of his palace, surrounded by lush gardens.  The interior, adorned with opulent furniture and marble floor suitable for a nouveau rich, is reminiscent of the Soprano Mafia boss.   While many Palestinians have their homes bulldozed by Israel and majority of refugees are still housed in tents fighting the elements, Fatah officials act and live the life of thugery like TV  Anthony Soprano .

One wonders how a colonel-major's salary can afford such luxury.  However, what is happening in Gaza is a symptomatic of a greater picture of the ongoing civil war in the Muslim world. This war, which is already gripping  countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Palestine and Somalia, is also threatening Lebanon and Turkey.  Everywhere the strife is pitting the militant religious elements of the society against its corrupted secular ones. This struggle is fanned by constant US intervention on a massive scale to shore up the hard-pressed  "moderate regimes". 

This situation is reminiscent of the major role played by the United States in China during World War II when it emerged as a major meddler in Chinese affairs. 

Like the US intervention along with its proxy Egypt in the present struggle between Hamas and Fatah, US intervention in China led to a bitter struggle between the Nationalists and the Communists.  This struggle continued, openly or clandestinely, through the 14-year long Japanese invasion (1931-1945), even though the two parties nominally formed a united front to oppose the Japanese invaders in 1937, during the Sino-Japanese (1937-1945) portion of World War II. By 1949, the Chinese civil war ended with the total demise and discrediting of the nationalists who had espoused western liberal philosophy

Likewise, in our part of the world, US intervention is already discrediting the Western secular philosophy among Arab and Muslim intellectuals. This is followed by the adoption of more radical lines of thought. This in turn is planting the seeds for the irreconcilable conflict between the secular and religious segments of  the Islamic world that will dominate our history for a long time.






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