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The Hesham Mubarak Law Centre, an independent group co-ordinating observers, accused the ruling party of inflating the number of "yes" voters and forcing independent monitors out of polling stations.

"Flagrant forgery was the main headline of the last hours of this referendum," the organisation said in a statement.

Al Jazeera reporters were outside polling stations all day and saw few people voting, and Reuters described the turnout as a "trickle".

All major opposition groups told their supporters to boycott the referendum.

Muhammad Habiyb, the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said the government had made up the results. 

"It is 100 per cent forged... They are lying," he told Reuters news agency.

There is no guarantee that the ballot will be tallied.


I am not about to suggest taking the permission from the "Watany" Party or the Mubarak dynasty to initiate this solution. Instead  I am planning ahead of the curve for the time when this charade of a government is gone, and gone it will be, I have no doubt about it. I did not want to wait for the ultimate demise of this pseudo-government to suggest strategic planned scenarios.  Hence, my proposal below is meant for future Egyptian governments. 

My remaining concern is how to devise an additional process to serve the 29% of the population who are illiterate or handicapped (in wheel chairs or blind) to allow them to  freely vote without the usual farcical coercions. 

Proposal for a computerized voter sensory tracking system with video surveillance web cameras positioned inside and outside every polling station. The web cameras allow instantaneous public scrutiny via the internet.

1 - Voter stands on a computerized sensory platform while voting. 

2 - The digital register on the wall, displays the number of voters who have voted thus far.

3 - Web surveillance cameras film the polling station during the entire voting process. The images are instantaneously posted on the internet for public viewing.

An Index of a voting website includes the URLs of polling stations. Access:  By typing the respective URL of the voting website + the I.D. number of the  particular polling station. 

4 - At the end of the voting session, the Official DVDs are retrieved, stamped and placed in the ballot box, just before  the box is sealed. The Official DVDs of the vote serve as a public record open for public scrutiny as well as future voting verification.

The total number of votes can be easily reconciled with the number of voters recorded by the digital register. This electroning monitoring system makes the falsifying and/or of stuffing of voting bogus ballots quasi impossible.

As for the case of switching off the system by would be "spoilers," this will be immediately noticed by the public watching the elections in real time on the internet and this infraction will naturally trigger prompt interference and remedied at once. Those responsible would be severely punished and made an example of as in the case of robbing a bank by tinkering with the surveillance cameras etc. 


Computerized sensory platform  $1000
Digital register display                 $     50
DVD                                               $       1


Concerning this cost, I believe the internet is not that prohibitive, it can be worked out.  Besides, the one time cost of perhaps $50,000,000 would be worth it if we are able to conduct fair and transparent elections. 

We should not permit despair to take hold of our spirits just because some corrupt people in our midst have thus far prevailed their crooked ways upon us. In my opinion, their time is up. It is high time for resourceful Egyptians to step in and plan ahead for better days






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