Dear Ishinan,

I hope you are doing well ... I am sending you this email from the middle of the protests ... please spread our message ... I know you will support us ... the regime is saying we are thugs and saboteurs .... I am sending here photos of women and victims in the protests to prove we are not ... Some of those photos (the girls and women) are from the 1st of Feb protests ... some are from the 28th protests (the victims) and I included some comments as well ... The photos are split over 2 emails.

IMG_0562.jpg; this photo  (title photo) is from the bridge leading to "Tahrir" (which is the Arabic for "Liberation") square; there are 4 lions copper statues 2 on the beginning and 2 on the end of the bridge ... This young Egyptian man standing on one of the lions leading to Tahrir square is for me the true symbol of this revolution made by no political parties or movements, and made essentially by the young educated, intellectual and civilized Egyptian youth whom till now did not commit a single act of violence unlike the regime fighting us which speaks only the language of violence.

From IMG_0573 to IMG_0762 These are the photos of some of the women and young girls who contributed in the protest:

IMG_0613: Young girls ... not even 16 years old contributing in the protest.

IMG_0573: This is a group of young ladies carrying a large banner saying "Bread ... Freedom ... Human dignity" which represent their demands
MG_0603: This lady is carrying the photo of the former president "Gamal Abdel-Nasser" who made Egypt first modern age revolution and switched Egypt from Royal to Republican system.

IMG_0614: One of the girls in the previous photo ... all the beauty of Egypt can be seen her eyes

IMG_0667: A young lady carrying a photoshoped photo of Mubarak as "Adolf Hitler"

IMG_0684: Veiled ladies of Al-Azhar (Religious Islamic University) and Al-Azhar Mosque and Ministry of Religion protesting against Mubarak.

IMG_0692: School girls among protesters in a break after a long period of shouting.
This young  girl is holding a sign saying King Faruwq abdicated in three days without bloodshed in 1952!

IMG_0717: An entire family; the father the daughter the son and the mother protesting against Mubarak with a single word "OUT".

IMG_0750: Another shot for a veiled group of girls protesting against Mubarak and asking him "Where is your dignity?"

IMG_0762: This young lady is protesting against Mubarak as well with 2 banners "Mubarak is challenging boredom!" and the lower one "Gamal tell your father all Egyptians hate you" (Gamal is the son of Mubarak).

From IMG_0664 to 28012011336: these are photos of the protests victims:

IMG_0664: This hero's name is "Anas" I meet him in 3 protests in the front lines; on the 25th of January he was injured severely in his head because police was stoning the protesters, yet he did not give up and he was there in the protests of the 28th again and I meet him for the second time on the front line where we were trying to pass through thick poisonous gas tears cloud; it was poisonous because the validity of the gas bombs expired (we captured some of the empty shells and we can prove that); the purpose of traversing that cloud was to take over a bridge and we managed to do it ... the photo on the right is for him on the 1st of February after 8 days of his first injury he was totally healed and still contributing ... The point is simple, no matter what they will do to us we will not back off nor relent until Mubarak is gone; they can kill, injure and detain as much free people as they want ... Protesting is a constitutional right and Mubarak is a tyrant.

28012011334: This young man was trying to take out the fragments of cluster live bullets (also called Cartouche and used in hunting) from his leg .. Police o the 28th was firing live bullets on people.
28012011336: This young man was being treated by a medical doctor among the protesters, he was shot in the chest and face by the same kind of shells as the one above, but this time in the upper half of his body with a clear intention to kill. The small red dots on his body are the locations were the fragments of the bullet penetrated his flesh.

I hope these photos help you ... so far I am not able to reach the square since all the roads to it are blocked by thugs ... 

Osama M. Hijji

Member of The Egyptian Chronicles
Reporting live from Tahrir square



 © Osama Hijji 2011



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